Hey there Senior!


Below is information and tips for your upcoming senior session!

At the bottom is a Questionnaire for you to fill out that will help me out with your session.

Looking forward working with you!

Senior Session Information

I’m so glad you chose Ashley Aileen Photography!

This is an amazing time in your life and I hope to help you preserve these memories for a lifetime!

I know this is quite a bit of information to read but I believe it will help you make the most of your session.  So please take the time to go through it and return the questionnaires!


Here are some tips for your upcoming session:

Get plenty of rest the night before your session!  Don’t stress about the session, it will be fun.  Make sure you eat something before so you won’t be hungry (or “hangry”) during your session.  Same goes for family and friends that will be attending the session.

Skin – Avoid getting sunburned before your session, it will not be flattering in the photos! If you do go tanning I would hold off a few days before your session is scheduled.  If you apply sunscreen the day of the session, please be careful since some sunscreens can reflect light and cause unflattering photos.  Don’t stress about having a few blemishes! These can be removed during retouching.  If you have severe acne, we can discuss retouching and to see if what you are hoping for is attainable. 

Hair - Don't try a new hairstyle the morning of your session. Play around in the weeks beforehand to see what works and what doesn't. If you feel your best after a stylist does your hair you may consider getting your hair professionally styled by a stylist you are comfortable with.  You don’t want any surprises the day of your session.  If styling your hair yourself, consider a bit of extra hairspray, especially if it is humid out.  Don’t get a haircut too close to your session.  Give it sometime to grow out and look natural.  Also don’t try a new cut or color you may not like before your session, stick with what you know and like. 

Makeup - Wear what you usually wear. Please use care while applying eye makeup (eye liner, mascara), as your eyes will be the focal point of many of your photos. 

Nails- Your hands will be showing in many of your photos. Be sure that your nails are groomed and if your nails are painted, the polish is not chipped. Please choose a color that will complement all outfits you have chosen.  Make sure your toes are done as well if you would like some barefoot photos.  GUYS THIS APPLIES TO YOU TOO! Please make sure your nails are clean and well groomed.

Shaving – Ladies, don’t forget to shave your legs and underarms if they may be seen in photos.  Guys, make sure your facial hair is clean shaven or trimmed to your liking.

Glasses – if you wear glasses, I will do my best to avoid glass glare.  But the only way to fully avoid it is to have the lenses temporarily taken out.



Depending on the package chosen you will be changing outfits during your session.  Keep in mind that the more outfit changes, the more time taken away from shooting photos.  With that in mind outfit changes are a great way to add variety to your photos.  Even something as simple as changing a necklace, scarf, or jacket partway through will add lots of variety.

Vary the style of your outfits you will be wearing in your session.  For example, wear something casual, something stylish, and something more professional or formal.  For ladies, consider wearing pants in some photos and a dress in some others.  But if in everyday life you wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress, you probably won’t be comfortable getting photos taken in one.  I would definitely consider wearing something more professional for a few photos; this is a perfect time to get a nice head shot for your LinkedIn profile. 

For your session wear what you normally would but “kicked up a notch.”  You want to be comfortable and for the photos to represent who you are.  Vary the style and color of your outfits, you probably don’t want photos of you in 3 different red tops.  Solid colors photograph very well but don’t be afraid of patterns either.  Some metallic, shimmer, and sequined items don’t always look their best in photographs, if you would like to wear them please take some test photos on your phone of you wearing the item outside so you can get an idea of how the item will look in your photos.

Ladies, photos in your prom dress can be a fun option!

Items with large logos or words may not be visible in their entirety for every shot, and this can be distracting in your photos.  The same with horizontal stripes and large patterns.  Remember you want the clothes to accent you, not distract from you.

Wear something timeless, you will be looking back on these photos years to come.

Accessories are a great way to mix up a look.  Feel free during the session to change jewelry, jackets, scarf, etc. as much as you want.  They can change the whole look of your outfit.  Hats are great accessories for a few shots, but you don’t want to get hat hair, so be sure to save that look for last.

Apparel from your future college can make for some nice photos.

Bring along shoes to match each outfit unless you plan to be barefoot in the shots.

Try your clothing on in advance to be sure it fits comfortably and is flattering.

Make sure each piece of clothing is clean and wrinkle free.

Remember that your session is outdoors and there may not be a place for you to change your clothes, so plan accordingly.  Changing in the car or a mom with a large blanket may be the solution.

Be sure to run your choices by your parents.  While your photos should represent you, these photos are also for them to keep and display.  If differences in options arise, consider letting them choose at least one outfit.

If you are having difficulties choosing outfits take a look online for inspiration.  Pinterest and clothing store sites are great places to go to get some ideas you may like.  Also, feel free to contact me with any questions.



Props are a great way to mix up your photos and for them to really showcase who you are.  Some options are:


·        Sports equipment

·        Sports uniforms

·        Trophies/medals

·        Musical instruments (Can’t bring drums? Bring the sticks!)

·        Tap or ballet shoes

·        Sunglasses

·        Books

·        Flowers

·        Blankets

·        Vehicles, bikes, etc.

·        Suitcases


The options are endless! 

Bring anything you think will help showcase your personality!  Check with me if you are unsure if something will work.

Bring your CLASS RING if you have one.

Since your session will most likely be in a public space, no guns may be used as props.  Feel free to bring other items that showcase this interest, targets and other gear make nice options.

Pets are a great option, just be sure there is someone at the session to care for the animal.  Leaving them in an unoccupied in the car is never a nice option.

Family and friends can be in photos are well! But majority of the photos will be of just you.  But if you want your best friend in a few shots, we can definitely do that!  But if you bring so many it can distract from your session.  Also having a parent or friend there can be helpful for outfit changes and noticing if your hair isn’t the way you like it!

Please try to let me know in advance what props you will be bringing so that I can come up with some really creative ideas on how to showcase you with them!



Take a look online at examples of senior photos to see if there is a type of pose or shot you would like done during your session (Pinterest is a great place to look for ideas).  I will do my best to incorporate any requests in the session.  These are your photos and I want you to love them.  That being said if I am posing you a certain way that you are unhappy with, please let me know.  Not everyone loves to lie down in the grass! 

Recreating childhood photos can also be a fun and make for sweet gifts for family members.



·        Outfits and all accessories, including shoes!

·        Props

·        Touch up items for makeup and hair

·        Photos of any poses you would like to do


What to expect after your session

I may release a few photos as sneak peeks on my Facebook and/or Instagram accounts.  If you do not have social media, or do not wish for the photos to be on there for any reason, I can email or text you the sneak peek photos for you to view and share with who you wish.  Please inform me before or at the session what you prefer.

Please be patient and allow time for editing of all your photos.

When your images are ready, you will be sent a link to an online gallery for you to download them.



Senior Session Questionnaire:

Name *
Phone *
So I can reach you the day of your session if needed
How many outfits and a quick description of what they are
Are you incorporating any props in to your session? If yes, what are they?
Describe below. If possible bring screenshots of the specific poses to session. If you have no specific ideas, no problem! That's what I'm here for!
Who? (Parent, sibling, friend, etc,)


If you have any other questions or comments let me know! :)