Elopement? Destination Wedding? Adventurous Engagement Photos? I'm there!

I've got a suitcase and i'm ready to tag along! 


Iceland, January 2018

Iceland, January 2018

2019 Travel:

January 14-18: San Fransisco/Sacramento, California

2018 Travel:

January 6-9: Chicago Area

January 10-16: Iceland

February 24 - March  3: Paris, France

March 3 - 11: London, England

May 26-28: Chicago Area

July 18-19: Chicago Area

July 22-31: Thailand

July 1-3: Chicago Area

December 15-22: Oahu, Hawaii

The following locations are high on my bucket list!

I will be offering a discount for any elopements, weddings, or sessions in any of these locations!






New Zealand



Joshua Tree







Traveling is my favorite thing to do, and it would be difficult to list a destination I have no interest in.  I want to see everything!  I'm available for domestic and international travel. Check out my travel blog posts to see where I have gone!

If you have a trip planned and want gorgeous photos of yourselves (without a selfie stick!) let me know! I'd love to tag along and make sure you have amazing images to look back on!

It may be more affordable than you think! Just contact me for a custom quote!  

If I'm already going to be there, any travel fee is waived! So check out my upcoming travel dates above!

Toledo, Spain

Toledo, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Toledo, Spain

Toledo, Spain