My 30 Before 30 List

Yesterday I turned 27 years old... officially in my late twenties! And I realized I only have 3 years left to complete my 30 before 30 list! 

Now this list could have been a list of 30 countries I want to visit.  But considering I started this list at 25 years old and I have other responsibilities in life, that would be unreasonable to believe I could complete the list by 30.  I wanted this to be a list of items I could complete.  So while some items are silly (like learning to use chopsticks) it is items I would like to do and maybe just don't have the incentive of a deadline.  Well this gives me one! 

Some items I've been able to cross off so far, and I hope many more to come! I still have two blank spots to fill in! Any ideas?

I thought I'd share my list! Does anyone else have a 30 before 30 list?

Iceland, January 2018

30 Before 30

1.      Go to Spain >> DONE! May, 2017

2.      Go on a solo International trip >> DONE! January 2018 to Iceland! and in February/March to Paris and London!

3.      Hike either the Inca Trail or Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek

4.      Go on a solo road trip somewhere new

5.      Travel with just a carry-on (1 week trip or more) >> DONE! to Iceland and Paris & London!

6.      Go camping

7.      Go skydiving OR scuba diving

8.      Go on a winter hike >> DONE! Iceland in January! Burrr...

9.      Go to a wine tasting

10.   Eat an amazing meal at a Michelin Star Restaurant

11.   Learn to eat with chop sticks

12.   Master homemade pasta

13.   Host a dinner party with all homemade foods

14.   Go vegetarian for a month (vegan?)

15.   Complete my MBA

16.   Learn Spanish

17.   Read the Bible cover to cover

18.   Live with less (make ethical purchases that will last)

19.   Start taking proper care of my skin

20.   Stick with Yoga regularly

21.   Get my body in great shape

22.   Start volunteering regularly

23.   Have a full spa day

24.   Finish a full size Quilt / Afghan for myself

25.   Live by myself

26.   Read all Jane Austen Novels

27.    Hot Air Balloon Ride

28.    Boudoir session just for me

29.    ?

30.    ?